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Optical Fibre Systems is Australia’s oldest specialist optical fibre company. We have built our reputation on providing clients with customised optical fibre communication solutions.

We work with a number of industry sectors such as Power Supply, Engineering and the Resource industry to bring them quality optical fibre systems. As we are able to custom manufacture optical fibre products and consumables we can readily adapt projects to meet their specific needs. Our range of optical fibre cables, joint anclosures, cable assemblies and splicing and testing equipment meets or exceeds relevant industry standards.

There is a long-standing relationship between Optical Fibre Systems and the Power Supply sector as we have developed unique products and field services to deal with their specific requirements. We also readily support the Engineering industry with our range of industrial cables and termination products. Our partnership with the resource industry continues to develop as we customise a range of cables, terminations and specialist leads to adapt to their testing environments.

Key Staff Profile

Don Rush

Managing Director

Don started working with optical fibre on a full time basis in 1988 when he was employed by a university to undertake research and provide services to establish techniques and methods of using optical fibre for communications. In 1990 he founded Optical Fibre Systems so he could provide equipment and a turn-key service to customers.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), P.Eng, MIEAUST, MIEEE, MIREE, MOSA

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