Our Qualified Engineers will Help you with Analysis of Test Results

Optical Fibre Systems offers quality testing equipment to our clients for system performance analysis which measures the specification of a communication network’s capabilities. System performance is typically evaluated on an individual link basis between any two given nodes of the network. When a fibre optic system is successfully tested and determined to meet both our clients specific requirements as well as meet relevant industry standards, the system performance and individual links are concluded to be ‘certified’ to the applicable specification or standard.

We want to offer our clients a full-service optical fibre system service. To complement our broad and customisable site works services we offer full analysis and documentation of our system testing results. Our qualified and experienced engineering staff will work with you to interpret results and liaise with you about your network design based on the findings.

Together we can custom manufacture optical fibre communication solutions that are efficient, cost-effective and reliable.

Key Staff Profile

Don Rush

Managing Director

Don started working with optical fibre on a full time basis in 1988 when he was employed by a university to undertake research and provide services to establish techniques and methods of using optical fibre for communications. In 1990 he founded Optical Fibre Systems so he could provide equipment and a turn-key service to customers.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), P.Eng, MIEAUST, MIEEE, MIREE, MOSA

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