Our Site Works Capabilities

Optical Fibre Systems provides its clients specialist optical fibre communication solutions no matter their location. We are proud to have successfully completed many complex optical fibre communication projects over 1000km in length. One of our biggest was a 3000km long DWDM fibre characterisation of a network.

We have a range of specially designed vehicles for remote sites for the Engineering, Power Supply and Resource Industry sectors. They are able to withstand even the most remote locations with the harshest conditions. Our pride and joy is our custom-built military vehicle. It is a Mercedes Unimog U4000 4x4 splicing truck adept at handling Australia’s most testing environments. The truck features a central tyre inflation system, 1200mm fording depth, front and rear hydraulic winches and a spacious air conditioned work area that protects workers against Australia’s extreme weather patterns.

Our vehicle and remote site works access is such that if we cannot get to your site, it is time for a helicopter!

Optical Fibre Systems capabilities for our Site Works services include:

  • Fusion splicing using direct core monitoring fusion splicing equipment (FITEL)
  • OTDR testing 
  • Return loss and insertion loss measurement
  • CWDM and DWDM Optical spectrum analysis
  • Multi-wavelength meter spectral analysis 
  • Return loss and insertion loss measurement
  • Polarisation mode dispersion (PMD) measurement
  • Chromatic Dispersion (CD) measurement

Key Staff Profile

Don Rush

Managing Director

Don started working with optical fibre on a full time basis in 1988 when he was employed by a university to undertake research and provide services to establish techniques and methods of using optical fibre for communications. In 1990 he founded Optical Fibre Systems so he could provide equipment and a turn-key service to customers.

Qualifications: Bachelor of Engineering (Hons), P.Eng, MIEAUST, MIEEE, MIREE, MOSA

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